As a child I was given fairytales to read, stories where love always wins out, and the boy always gets his girl. These very same fairytales are the books I give my daughter. But I can’t help but wonder, if im wrong to offer her an idea that everything has a happy ending. We soon learn as we grow up that, the boy doesn’t always get the girl, and that often life jumps in and messes everything up!.

Responsility takes over and we leave behind us the over whelming desires to follow our hearts. We grow and develop, creating our very own inner list of principles that we will not be moved on, but what happens if Mr Right turns up, the happy ending you have wanted all your life, the other half of your soul…..but the responsibilities you carry in your own life, the principles you live by, demand, shouting in your head that its impossible. So to have the happy ending that as children we are taught from every angle, we actually might find ourselves in a situation where we have to give up everything we were, everything we are, break everything we stand for, so the happy ending can be ours.

Happy endings are a false phrophecy, I look around me and see faces of freinds and family joined together with partners, and I wonder so often how many of them are truely happy, I see the repressed mum, locked up all day with screaming children, and the husband that seems not to notice that she is screaming out for him to notice and rescue her. I see the wife who by day is a social predator, fitting in as many people as humanly possible until the moment her husband arrives home, then the door is locked and she is the perfect wife, doting on his every move. I see the couple who no longer talk, and no longer look into each others eyes, and yet still the sex goes on. What I don’t see is two happy people, I see one that is living the live they want and the other who is holding them up, but never two happy people at the same time. I wonder how it would be to meet two happy people in the same room at the same time, that had been married for a long long time, perhaps then I could believe in happy endings.


If destiny gets its way,

then me and you will play.

Our path’s are intertwined,

so lets wait, and not whine.

Our time has not yet come,

we must wait for the shining sun.

When everything is perfect,

our love can re-erect.

Although the path seems long,

we must take comfort, and stay strong.

Destiny put us here,

and destiny is never wrong.