I sat on the stoney shore,

The soft ebbing tide

drifting further away.

The suns rays reflecting,

of the seas surface,

like gold dust,

dropping from the sky.

I close my eyes and,

let the winter sun warm me.


I can feel your kisses,

on my shoulder,

they’re soft and warm,

your eyes are looking

deep into my soul,

your hand is warm

against my bare skin.


My eyes open,

I rest my head,

upon my knees.

Fate is clearly cruel.

I look out at the

bluey grey sky,

and wonder why.


Life is never easy,

and perfection is rare.

But why does it taunt me.

I close my eyes,

and go back,

to my memories,

they’re all I have now.

All I will ever have.

I never knew,

that I would

miss you.



Out of sight…


Out of sight, but never gone.

Did it simply feel,  wrong.

Were you pleased i had gone away?

You never asked if i would stay.


From afar, it hurts no more,

But, feels a little, like before.

A puzzle piece, that doesn’t fit.

I’ll wait, till your life, has had a  refit!

You’re the player i’m the fool,

You have the perfect life and that’s cool.

You’re insincere, your words are fake,

I’ve taken all that I can take.


A shallow crack that grows so deep,

I will not let it stop my sleep.

Your words were lies,

I will not cry.


The end has come,

you had your fun,

never was I number one,

Never was I number one.

Devils Love

Sometimes, I sit,

and wonder.

Is it my soul,

you plan to plunder.


are you waiting for,

Do you really think,

I am the devils whore.

Sometimes you sit,

and wonder.

Can you really,

her soul plunder.

What is she,

waiting for.

My sweet, innocent,

devils whore.

Sometimes, they sit,

and wonder,

Late at night,

when the worlds in slumber.

Why is fate,

so truly cruel,

Is it the only way.

To let the devil rule.

Sometimes, the devil sits,

and plunder’s,

all the thoughts of love,

and wonders.

He shares with, I,

and you the love,

to help us through,

each day that’s tough.

One day we’ll sit,

and wonder,

for the lost days,

that life did plunder.

And we’ll be grateful,

to the devil,

that in our true love,

he did revel.

another rant….

I saw a post this morning on facebook. It was not a nice post. I know there are millions of them out there, but this one really got my back up. I agree with the arguement that the administrator is trying to demonstrate. But I do not agree with the way she and her friends are going about it. The post got me thinking about the two different approaches to the different situations we come across in society. The facebook page, was set up to act as judge and juror, apparently naming and shaming terrible mums. But what gives any of these girls the right to pass that judgement? What exactly are they teaching there own children by acting in this way? As I have already said, I agree that there are some situations where by action is needed, but I am not sure how naming and shaming them, and basically having a one sided slanging match is really going to help anybody. Are we now creating a generation of children that will grow up believing that they possess the power to judge anybody around them as unfit. Will we end up with a generation of children who no longer know how to offer support, how to be empathic? Are we already there? We are all guilty of making mistakes in life, some mistakes are far bigger than others. The person in question has lost herself in a world of drink and drugs, action in regards to her parenting skills has occured. None of the girls who are judging her, can truely say I know how she feels each morning, I know why she is the way she is…….but they all feel worthy of judging and condeming her. What if one day, they screw up, they turn to drink and drugs, im sure they believe they would never do it, it couldnt happen to them, they are amazing, but what if it did. Im not saying that the person in the post is in the right, far from, im just saying we shouldnt be so judgemental of those around us. You never know if your own life might end up crumbling around your feet.