Month: January 2013

How’s you?

I wanted to say broken

but you wouldn’t understand.

I wanted to say lonely,

no ones there to hold my hand.

I wanted, to say so much

but, there are so few i trust.

So i did the best I could

and simply said,

i’m good.


Goodbye no Reason why.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies,
No goodbye, no reason why.

History once again,
Prevails its weakened soul.
So much forgiveness,
But the end is Nye.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies.
No goodbye, no reason why.

So undeserving of the truth,
You offer silence instead.
When true words would,
Sooth a broken heart.

No goodbye, no reason why.
No sorry, no lies.
No goodbye, no reason why.

No empty lies,
No questions of why.
Just honest truth,
Is loves real proof.

Soggy Grass Speciality!

The air is moist, here comes the rain.

The poor brown cow, lays down in vain.

She nibbles at the fresh green grass.

Hoping, the dark grey clouds will soon pass.

Droplets of rain, fall upon her hide,

and she sighs, soggy grass for tonights side!


I close my eyes tight.

Abandoning my sight.

Hand pressed against my eye,

tears streaming, I try not to cry.

A small whimper escapes my lips,

As I move, and hop, and wiggle my hips.

The coldness soothes. No stinging now.

As I press the flannel against my brow.

The shampoo washes away,

Never in the eye again, I pray!


It’s, amazing the way we make our choices.

Decide no longer, to listen to the voices.

We sit with a biccie and a brew,

and ponder how everything feels new.

We say no to the reminders,

to the warm memories of past lovers.

We learn to love, what life has given us,

For these choices we make,  we must.