How’s you?

I wanted to say broken

but you wouldn’t understand.

I wanted to say lonely,

no ones there to hold my hand.

I wanted, to say so much

but, there are so few i trust.

So i did the best I could

and simply said,

i’m good.

3 thoughts on “How’s you?

  1. Your poem addresses my own thoughts on the subject, and bring to mind my own answer when asked that question. I usually answer Okay, But I like the sound of ‘I’m good’ and think I will use it the next time I’m asked that question. Loved your poem

    1. Hi, sorry it took so long to reply, life got busy when I wasn’t looking! I’m glad you liked the poem, and hope you’ve made good use off ‘i’m good.’ Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

      1. That’s okay, I understand, our life can get busy sometimes, mine did too, I didn’t even notice that you didn’t reply to my comment 🙂

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