Mummy, what is love?

One day my precious daughter will ask

‘Mum what is love?’ and I will say,

Love is everything and love is nothing.

Love is a trust that reaches beyond our

Realm, far into another universe. Love

is a respect that runs so deep constantly

Changing, growing and evolving. Love

is loyalty when the money is gone and

The nights are cold. Love is energy.

But most of all love is your reflection,

In the eyes of your partner. Love is equal

The scales never tipping, love is complete

Without regrets. Love makes you strong

Not weak. Love is pure not tainted.



I cannot comprehend  your twisted minds,

or understand even the dustiest corners of your soul.

As the evolutionary clock moves through time

and a life without you takes its toll.


We hold onto a fragmented piece of a life once had.

Is it morbid fascination? Or a disturbed and twisted mind?

That draws me into a fantasy that is nothing but  sad.

Surely it can not be, that we are two of a kind.


Broken and disturbed you have your love

The angel of your soul that protects the heart.

Only a truly twisted mind would declare enough

On a love that was so perfect from the start.


So I bow my head in acceptance of your love

At peace that I once touched your soul

I throw down the soft silk white glove

And surrender, you love her more, I know.