I am lost

Do I scare you? Am I the object in

your life that has no place? The

precious, that consumes your every

thought, and threatens to destroy

you. Do I scare you? Do you push

me into the darkest corner

of your screwed up mind, and

lock away my memory. Is it

lined with silver to weaken my

presence? Do I scare you? There

is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Do I scare you? Do you search

tirelessly for my hidden flaws?

Do you wait patiently for me to

fail? Perhaps you are a coward.

Too scared to let go, of what is not

yours to own. It is your fear that

keeps me, your fear that holds

me close, your fear that scares

me. I can be, or I can not be.

Limbo is so full of chaos. The

sadness crept in slowly, numbing

me to your exsistance. You scare me.

The time is coming.

You scare me.

Do I scare you?

The ticking clock drums inside

my head. Louder, louder and

louder still. The time is coming

I must safe my soul. The darkness

is spreading, it threatens to take

me away from this place. Your prescious

will be lost, into the deep heat

of hell, amongst the dark encrusted

mountains. It is late, your fear

has won.


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