I will be a ghost and see more than most.

I’ll stand,
And i’ll land,
On my own two feet,
Some days beat,
Some days,
I’ll scream,
From deep within my dream,
I’ll laugh,
Till my sides hurt,
And i’m left without scars.
i’ll see further then most,
i’ll be a ghost,
Watching the world
what i see,
What i hear
What i know.

Captivated by what is not.

I don’t want,
To be seen,
Or even be heard,
and so i hide,
Behind my thousands
Of words.
I hide and i look and i watch,
And you saw.
and i looked up,
And i saw.
Then i was captivated,
By captivation,
By a need to know,
By similarities,
By such deep selflessness,
By the absence of bitterness.