Writing prompt…A chip so I can hear people’s thoughts…seriously give me the chip.

Ok guys and gals, so i’m writing this in response to a great prompt I saw earlier over on this amazing blog (seriously go check this gal out)…


and I believe the original can be found here…


The prompt is…”A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?”


Hell fucking yes I would take the chip. Ok I cannot lie, I want to join the X-men, seriously, I am pretty sure that if a doctor were to examine my blood they would discover a dormant mutant gene, yep that is the line I am going with. There in my lovely crimson blood lays the key to evolution. So yeah, if I had a mad scientist friend and they came along with a chip, I would grab it right outta his hands.

Imagine the good you could actually do with that chip. I am not scared to be the one that bears that weight, my shoulders are broad and I am used to carrying the weight of the world on them. If I could hear peoples thoughts I could make them better. :).

Am I worried that I will hear thoughts about myself? Nope, not at all, last time I checked I was not put on this earth to be liked. In fairness I’m not always liked, I tend to speak my mind, if I don’t like a person (and have good reason) I don’t bullshit around, I don’t pretend, I tell them..sorry! and hey, if they’re busy thinking nasty thoughts about me, then they ain’t thinking nasty things about anyone else :).

So going back to the X-men and having mutant powers, this would a long running dream come true for me, so if anyone has the number for this mad scientist, please hand it over, I want that fucking chip!


4 thoughts on “Writing prompt…A chip so I can hear people’s thoughts…seriously give me the chip.

  1. Oh thank God someone else said YES to the chip!! I was starting to think I was going to be banned from WordPress for being the “odd man out.” I was actually contemplating deleting the post, but went with my better judgment and left it up. I feel like I’m not so alone any more. Am I crazy because I’d be all over that chip? Just the thought alone has me thinking of how I’d put it to GOOD use. Most of the responses seem to be along the lines of “My mind is hard enough to control; I couldn’t possibly handle it if I could read everyone else’s.” Well, isn’t the whole point to PRETEND? Pretend your mind isn’t hard to handle, and pretend that such a chip exists. Think OUTSIDE the box. I’m not criticizing anyone’s work. It’s just a prompt. Everyone is entitled to their responses. I was just surprised to read that the majority of the posts declined such an idea. Ah well… I’m the black sheep in my family. Might as well be the black sheep here too. Thanks for the acknowledgement!! It’s very much appreciated. And I LOVE your X Men theory. THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!!


    1. Ha ha that was such fun, and i wasn’t even pretending, i really do want to join the X-men :-). It is kinda cool to see everyone’s views on it, really highlights how optimistic my own thoughts actually are :-).


      1. It feels so good to be optimistic, doesn’t it?! I LOVE being happy, and feeling happy. It’s just freaking awesome. I think we should seriously dig deeper to find this chip. WE could do so much good with it!!


  2. Oh i agree….in fact if i had the chip i could go round reading minds until i found the person that knew the secret of how to turn me into a mutant 🙂
    I read a great meme a while back, basically it suggested, what if that person that doesn’t have access to education, is this person that has the key to curing cancer, or something else….if you had this chip, you could read peoples minds and whisper encouragement in their ears, so that they became the person that their soul was always meant to become 🙂


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