The fucked up tales of fairys.

Fuck the world in all its glory,
This ain’t no fairy tale story.
There’s no happy end,
Or love to send.
It’s a fantasy built upon bullshit words,
Sung in the tree tops by fucked up birds.
The light is for the weak,
The dark is what I seek,
Truth in the actions
Of the fucked up reactions.
This ain’t no fucking fairy tale,
Life isn’t pass or fail.
Show me a truth, i’ll show you a lie,
Everyone does it, no matter how hard they try.
A fantasy of words created in awe,
Like it’s some kinda fucked up law.

3 thoughts on “The fucked up tales of fairys.

  1. I am often suspicious of rhyming poems, because many of them seem so fake and contrived. This one works beautifully. The simple directness of it, and the “in your face” words, makes it a very strong poem. The rhymes didn’t seem struggled at or banal at all. I really like this one. I’m tempted to reblog it. I don’t dislike ANYTHING I’ve read of yours so far, but this one is just plain awesome.


    1. Thank you babylondogs,
      Yeah rhymes can often feel forced, i personally prefer rhymes, it gives me something to hide behind. Free verse makes me feel so entirely naked. I’m glad you liked the poem, and the in your face language, some poems need the added language to express the true feelings of the words :-).


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