Getting back on my feet.

I’m reblogging this from my ummm secret blog! Ok, so I needed a blog that I didn’t have attached to social media, somewhere that I could write freely, cos past few weeks have been a little shit. I’m reblogging here because, I’m totally aware that I’m not posting as often at the moment, and just wanted to give you guys a little idea of what’s happening!


Another randon freewrite, sometimes it feels good to just simply write it all down and send it out into the world.
So, on Sunday i saw this great retail job advertised, fulltime, great job, interesting, working with people, and i thought, ok i could do that job. So i googled how to write a cv, an email cover letter and got too work. I couldn’t find a single word to write, so begged my creative muse to step in and help, and she did (thanks guardian angel!) I emailed it away, and thought ok, if i don’t hear back in four weeks, then they didn’t like my relaxed cv, i started the email cover letter with ‘I love people, and I love learning’ not very conventional, but sometimes you just have to let, you, spill onto the page. Well, the cv caught their eye, monday morning the guy rang me…

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2 thoughts on “Getting back on my feet.

  1. Sending positive thoughts and peace your way! Do it for YOU. Screw the hubby. I know how hard it is to want to prove to him that you are capable of making it without him. That will happen when you do it for you and the kid(s). Just be yourself, be transparent, and above all…. Relax. You can do this!


    1. Atexasmist, thank you so much. Your positive thoughts helped :-). Interview went very well, he is going to ring me tomorrow to arrange a trial day in the shop, if i pass that then the job is mine :-). oooh and you’re right, i’m doing this for me and my gal.


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