Devil be damned.

more trees than forest,
More clouds than sky,
More thoughts than words.
Constantly tripping
Through my mind,
My day,
My hours, seconds
Ripping a void
Created through pain,
And desperate to reign,
An occrance of the past,
Reality that must not last,
The only reality I know,
To reap what i sew.
Welcome to my soul,
look deep at what I know,
See what I have seen,
Feel what I have felt,
You are lost in a sea of the damned,
The devil wants my hand,
I am not for the taking,
I’m done foresaking,
You cannot take my soul,
I have a brand new goal,
And I don’t know what it is,
Or where this battered path leads,
But, confusion,
You are an illusion,
Of the past I left behind,
So leave this muddled mind,
I’m not the devils find.

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