The drunken ramblings of a sober gal.

I fancy a drink
To help me think.
Bottled beer, to
Take me up a gear.
Sparkling wine,
And I feel fine.
A shot…
Or two of backdoor gin,
i’ll soon feel as though I can win.
Aftershock of red and blue
should keep these thoughts
anti socially true.
Fizzy apples, purest cider,
expand my thoughts,
They’re getting wider!
I fancy a drink
my thoughts do think.
Try it out,
we’ll, not, shout,
The little devil voice,
promises, i’ll retain my voice.
But the vodka shouts,
we’ve so much to talk about,
Take a slow long sip,
We’ll tell…
Not a single fib.
Drink me down
forget that frown,
Trust me baby,
I gotcha lady.
Swallow me,
set yourself free,
You cannot resist,
The drunken truthful mist
It descend
on us all,

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