The mask fell, i’ll fight fire with fire.

Let’s call this a rant :-). Today I made a discovery or perhaps simply remembered. So what did I remember? All the lessons that being one of five siblings teaches you. The advice my brothers whispered in my ear to teach me how to survive in a mans world. The late night chats with my very wise Dad and even the harsh utterings of my mothers tongue. Yep I remembered it all. It was all there inside of me waiting to come flying out. So what caused the eruption? As a general rule I avoid people that lie, elaborate, look after themselves only, don’t listen, bullshit and well you get the idea. The problem is I can’t avoid this one person that has all those characteristics, i can’t change this, i wish i could, but no can do. I’ve tried everything to get a long with this person, i’ve bit my tongue till I bled, walked away, ignored, smiled through it. But this week has been long and today, after one time too many of being treated like a skivvy I exploded. I don’t ask for much, treat me with respect and I will do the same back. Ironically this person said a few weeks back that my kindness made me weak, I wonder if he still thinks that tonight. Truth is my actions were appaling, however they matched his, so i gave him the level of respect he gave me. So today I remembered theres another side of me. And as this persons words turned vile as he realised he had underestimated me, my intelligence and my strength, I laughed in his face applauding slowly and congratulated him on his intelligent play of trying to turn me into the bad guy. As his tone changed and he attempted to save face (his, not mine) through aggresive tone, language and body language I stood tall and turned to face him, just like I had been taught, I looked him in the eye, and qiutely, controlled warned him that his aggresive response would not be tolerated I watched as he sqiurmed in the corner, as I took control. And as he dug his own grave deeper and deeper, I handed him the shuffle. And having asked for help all week, with a job that is his to do not mine, and being denied it all week, I walked away at the end of the day smiling, as he continued to try and sort out the mess he had made, but had hoped I would sort out for him. And as I laughed in his face, todayhe saw that I can be kind, I can help others with a second thought, I can be caring, unselfish and even considerate. I can also be crossed, I can be spiteful and strong, vindictive, I can use my intelligence as a source of power to belittle those around me. I hope I don’t have to be this person again, but I will no longer hesitate to change the mask. I am worthy and deserve to be treated with respect, I have earned it, vut I am happy to fight fire with fire. Just don’t crying when you end up burned.

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