The veil of hope.

Veil of the widowed keep,
show me all that I do seek,
Light the way on this hallowed eve,
for this is what I truly need.
Black veil of the other side,
beyond, beneath, where I do hide,
Chains broken with a sharpened knife,
To protect it all, to protect whats mine.
Pumping heart of bleeding loss,
Dreams of lives now covered with moss,
Forgotten, tangled webs at cost,
Warmth replaced with a tangent frost.
Black veil of the widowed keep,
Show to me what I do seek,
when eyes are closed and lost in sleep,
In the great forest, so very deep,
Where alone with the breeze,
My heart does weep,
Black veil of the shadows keep,
show me please,
What I do seek.

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