A tender kiss of my lips.

Kiss me,
Kiss my flushed pink lips,
Part them with your tongue.
Kiss me,
Feel me harden against your tender tongue,
Caress me with your
Your tongue,
Your lips…your fingers.
Run your tongue
Along the opening of my lips,
Push it in further and faster and harder,
Enjoy me, taste me.
Lick my lips,
Slip in your finger,
Slip in two,
Rub me gently
suck me with passion.
Look at me, look at my lips,
The way they open,
The soft pink skin,
The way they glisten.
Watch as they part,
Watch as you touch
Watch as they bloom.
Kiss me,
Kiss my lips.

6 thoughts on “A tender kiss of my lips.

      1. Most definitely a compliment…howling at the moon good it means where words cannot do it justice so the spirit rises 😉


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