Childhood cancer.

This is my beautiful and amazingly strong baby niece Delilah, she is 9 months old and fighting (with all her strength) a rare and aggressive form of cancer (stage 4) that is ravaging her tiny little body.

Delilah is the daughter of my youngest sister Dannielle, she has a big sister herself called Isabella. Delilah’s mum and dad (Dannielle and Antony) have set this fundraising page up because they are desperate to be able to spend as much time as they can with their daugher, as a family. Right now, more than ever Delilah needs her family at her side, they are her strength. She is currently undergoing regular chemotherapy which involves spending time at Great Ormond Street (an absolutely amazing hospital) Money raised through this fundraising will be used to ensure Delilah has her mum and dad at her side when she needs them most, it will ensure that Isabella has the chance to get to know her little sister, it will give Delilah days out int he sunshine to see things that make her smile, to see anything that is not a hospital environment, it will be used to buy Delilah toys, to fill Delilah’s days with happy thoughts, with happiness. Thank you for reading, please donate, if you cannot donate then please share this post. xx

2 thoughts on “Childhood cancer.

  1. Delilahsarmy
    I am Norman Hayward Known as Granddad Stormynorm to the family.
    I want to talk to you all about Delilah and her army of followers, I am not going to discuss the technical details of her illness, and all I know is that Delia is very ill with cancer and that she needs our love and support in this.
    Like any parent or grandparent all we want is for this to end and everything to go back to normal, however reality is different we can’t make Delilah better that task befalls the Medical Team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and may I say what a marvellous job they are all doing and always their priority is Delilah’s care “I speak for our entire family and the network of friends that have built over such a short time Thank you for caring for Delilah”.
    In matters like this we can often forget that there is a family i.e. Dannielle Antony and of course Isabella her sister who have truly stept up to the mark and supported Delilah all the way since day one love you both and yes of course Isabella.
    Delilah has a tough time ahead of her this month we will see her go through surgery to remove the “nasty little lump” followed by number of aggressive Chemo Therapy. During this time we all know that Delilah will be pretty poorly but we will all be behind my little princess and know my love you are surrounded by people who care and more importantly love you dearly.
    Now I would ask that as many of you who get behind us and support Delilah in every way possible, we will over the next few months be raising awareness and yes fundraising in whatever way you want too.
    Big thanks to you all for your support.

    Granddad Stormynorm


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