One for hope two to cope.

Do I dare hope that you are the pill,
That will,
Hold me captive
Through the night,
Holding back the light
So i can sleep,
whole and deep,
single peep.
Will you lock me away,
and make me stay
in the abandoned hope
Of a mortal soul,
That without sleep,
Cannot cope,
As my spirit weeps.
Will you?
Is it true?
Are you the pill,
That will,
Give back to me
So deep,
with not even
A single peep?

Touch me.

Touch me as you used to,
when your heart was true
and our world,
was a little less blue.
Touch me as you did,
before you hid
In your bottle,
Tightening the lid.
Kiss me and forget this life,
please, put away the knife
that you aim
at me, your beautiful wife.
Let your fingers explore
As I beg you once more,
To touch my naked breast,
To take me on the floor,
let’s close this open door.
Let passion reignite the flame
that burns at the sound of my name,
This life it burns my soul
and leaves me tame,
filling me with shame.
Touch me as you used to,
when your heart was true,
before our life bacame blue,
When passion,
Was the only thing we knew.