My shield of feathered purity.

My feet firmly on the floor,
as the future knocks feverishly at my door.
My past pleading, for a moment more,
this journey has left my body sore,
By night, my dreams are filled with blood and gore.
I worry my heart will never thaw,
in love and trust I will be poor.
No shining knight upon my shore,
but at least the devil wins no more,
as my shining angel keeps perfect score.
Each day I rise,
my feet
hit the floor.

God of the sea.

I walk upon
a sandy shore,
tide ebbing,
a tantalising allure.
Mermaids sing,
of days gone past
answering questions,
long ago asked.
Fairies of the sea,
dance through the pools
of gold dust, free
as they live by the rule
of the gods of the sea.
Sun beating down
upon my skin,
illuminating the crown
of his majesty the King.
Upon my knees,
I bend and pray
set me free,
I promise I will stay.

Karen Hayward (Copyright) 2015.

50 Shades of really you think the whole of society is so dumb that we need to start censoring topics in literature?

Rar….Have spent a few hours on here blogging, writing poetry and catching up on the blogs I follow. Every other blog seems to be griping on about 50 Shades of Grey, it’s driving me potty. Firstly IT IS FICTION, yep the story is fiction, and anyone who reads and thinks wow this is a great biography/autobigraphy is stupid. Fiction means a few things, firstly it’s a pretend story, it’s all pretend, made up. But also fiction allows an author and a reader to explore a concept beyond what is usually found in reality, but really people it is fiction, really, no lies it is made up. At first though I did think wow that’s a little insulting to assume that everyone that reads it is too dumb to realise that the story is crap the lead gal is crap and the guy is a complete twat, but hey ho, not my place to judge. However, having now read through some very convincing arguments I think I am now starting to see what they are saying. We really do need to stop authors from writing about certain subjects, I mean really censorship is the way forward, censor everything, we are too dumb to have uncensored literature in our society, we are a society of sheep, seriously I read that in a book, so it must be true. But, everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture, whilst everyone is griping on about 50 Shades of Grey and how it is going ejaculate itself into our poor impressionable gals, books like Divergent are going completely unseen. I mean seriously this is a concern, this book is a young adult book, the story is aimed at the young impressionable minds of our future, the book encourages you to jump on and off trains to show your fearlessness, it is only a matter of time before we see an increase of teenagers and young adults jumping from buildings, or worse still, studying, or becoming truthful or hippyish, seriously this stuff needs censoring too!!!!!

The pink carnation of deprivation.

Violation in relation to this nation

The creation of this non stop station.

The plantation of the pink carnation,

The foundation of flirtation.

As starvation explores mutation

and the rich stand for a standing ovation.

Poverty, the confirmation of life’s cancellation,

Deprivation, the constipation of education

An infestation of menstruation

flooding the streets of transformation.

The acceleration of anticipation,

forget the woes of discrimination

in one quick swipe of ejaculation.

The demoralization of this nation

through telecommunication,

as we become lost in the creation

of the


of a long forgotten nation.

Crimson Porcelain Doll.

Porcelain doll with your smashed up face,

dried crimson blood covers the lace

of your torn up dress,

oh what a mess.

Heaving sobs and salt filled tears,

mangled eyes and make-up smeared.

Take heed my dear and rest,

and ponder now upon this mess.

Your shoes are gone, your feet are bare,

no one stops no one stares.

No sight here, to impress,

No one cares, about your mess.

Rain falls and soaks you through

washes away the porcelain doll, you once knew.

Now stand up tall and try your best,

You can rise from this bloody mess!