The Broken girl behind stained glass.

If I close my eyes just long enough,

I can pretend.

I can forget.

I can wander, in the safety of

my dreams,

whilst my inner child screams.

I can feel strong, in this

world, so full of wrong.

There, in my world of love and

happy thoughts,

I cannot hear the silence,

you have so fondly sought.

I cannot be the piercing eyes,

that constantly wonder,

why, oh why.

Behind the doors of this

broken world,

I am not,

the broken girl.


I gave it before, now, it lays crumpled on the blood stained floor.

A promise made in haste,

to avoid such waste.

Lies built on words,

and nameless numbers,

as the world around

is deep in slumber.

Chances have come,

chances have gone,

and again you do

the thing, that is wrong.

Forgiveness was given

this time is different.

You severed the cord

because you were bored?

I care no longer…

the last time made me stronger.

The battle is lost,

my love?

…the cost.