Searching through the darkness.

Where do I search when the stars have gone out?

As the moon slowly dims and the sun never sings,

where do I search? Where do I search when you

are gone by and by? I look for you there, in the night sky.

But the darkness has fallen, the angels are gone

the signs are all telling me it’s wrong, oh it’s wrong.

So where shall I search in this dream full of terror

when life is so short with no room for error?

So where shall I search?

In which direction should I lurch?

Or should I stay right here upon my perch?

Where should I search?

The crimson Lake of Lust.

I will…

if you will.

I’ll show you the truth

with an honest account

of the days and the nights

that we no longer count.

I’ll bare you my soul the root

of my heart,

together we’ll find the

place where we start.

We’ll take down the walls,

and the flowerless thorns

burn up the halo’s

and put on our horns.

Together we’ll touch the essence

of life, the crimson vein

of beating souls deep in the

woods beneath the cleansing rain.

I will if you will, i’ll leap with my faith.

Blindly i’ll jump into the sensual lake.

I’ll give and i’ll give,

and you’ll take and you’ll take,

and memories of lust is what we

will make.

I Need a Mortal Sin to Wake Up What is Within.

I’ve lost the words the words lost me;

I’ve nothing left to set me free, into my

dreams I shall surely flee. I’ve lost

the thoughts, they’ve lost me, the waves

are harsh and i’m lost at sea. I’m all alone

with nothing to show what’s happened

to my creative flow. I need to see I need to touch

I need the orgasmic final rush. They’re locked away

where they might stay, I beg you please, i’m on

my knees, give me back the fucking key! I’m all

without, i’m all within I need a moment in

mortal sin.

The Storm.

It’s peaceful, a thunderous sky. Soft rain tapping at the glass

trailing down, someone’s always last. A split second of

illumination, blink, and you’ll never know how far away those

disturbed clouds are. It’s like that elusive wish,

on the shooting star. Rumbles echo, dancing through

the rain drops, hiding beneath the covers praying it

will soon stop. Static air that clings to your skin, if

we’re lucky a rainbow to show a storm has been.

I Want You to Hurt.

I want you to hurt, the same way that you hurt me.

I want your world to fall apart the same way mine did.

I want for you to question it all; the seconds, the moments,

those intimate words spoken and the soft tender kisses once felt.

I want you to know how that feels.

I want it all to turn a muted shade of grey. For the pain to be

so deep inside your soul that each new sun causes you agony

and each new moon brings you ever closer to the loneliness I felt.

I want you to explore the emptiness, like I did. I want you to

walk along those paths that no light reaches, to feel it against

your skin as it worms its way through you. As your eyes become

accustom to the shadows and you face the darkness. I want you

to become the dark nights, like I did. I want you to learn to drink

in the despair and let it intoxicate your life supply blackening

your heart to any future love, like it did mine.

Once there I do not want you

to wallow in self pity.

I do not want the dark soldiers

to devour your soul,

I simply want for you to see, like I did.

See what I saw.

I want you to understand like I did, understand the hurt, like I did,

the emptiness you left me with.

I don’t want you to be forever wondering

what was real,

what was not,

like I did.

I want you to know it is real, as I wish I could know

this for myself. I want you to let go of that past, like I did.

Leave it behind in that  dark room filled with questions and lacking in

happiness. Leave it behind and clear away that slate. To understand

is to clearly see, to see with trust to see with honesty, I want you

to understand the minutes, the days the years without you are a blur

of knowing, I want you to understand like I did.

What I want doesn’t matter and never has. I want it to matter.

I thought I did, I thought I didn’t then I did and then I didn’t.

I want you to know how that felt.

The uncertainty, those whispers that hid away the words of truth

I want you to see the damage they have done,

I want you to see the damage they can do,

I want you to understand why that path was not for me.

I want you to feel the importance of completion, like I did.

I want for you to understand, like I had to learn to.

I want you to hear the words not said and feel the kisses

not given. I want you to believe in what you cannot see and

cannot touch, like I did.

I want you to hurt, like I did. Then I can I know it was real.

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