Another grain of sand.

It is said that before we are born into this world we choose the parents

we will be born to. We look deep into their hearts and see the stuff that

they are unaware is even there. We’re not looking for love

or protection we’re looking for the lessons that we still need to

learn. Which means I chose you. I chose your

arms to hold me tight and wipe away my tears. I chose your eyes

to sooth away the fears and your wisdom to guide me through the night.

The love you taught me is priceless. The lessons you gave me

are worthless without first considering the sacrifices you made for me.

Today you are one year older and because of this I am one year

wiser. I celebrate not the years that have slowly seeped through

the hour glass, but the memories you have given me, the belief

that has stood untouched since the first time you held me. I celebrate

the honor of calling you my Dad. Happy Birthday xxx.

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