Iron key.

I used to spend hours wishing you would remove the cast iron shackles

under the black clouds of doubt that spiraled through me.

I could see them visibly holding me down. Linked through

my dusty wings tearing if I dared to move. I could feel the iron

key that locked the door to my mind, it hung there teasingly

day after night after year.  I walked on tip toe to avoid the

black shadow of death and one day I looked and saw,

I had nothing left.

You had taken my belief. You had taken my soul

and all that was left was a gaping black hole.

I used to wish you would take away this cage

that you solemnly refuse to accept that you made.

I used to wish so many things and now I wish no more.

For the darkness has lifted of that I am so sure.

Those iron bars were not so tough to break to create a space

big enough for only me to see the sky and stars without a trace.

And the tears in my wings will surely heal as I spread them far

and I know that in my life I played that part

and those iron keys that once hung there

they’re gone now without a care.

I used to wish you would remove the iron shackles that held me

now I see, I found the answers that I needed and they were always inside of me.

Karen Hayward (copyright) 2015.

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