Post you favorite movies that you never get tired of watching. 30 day writing challenge.

Favorite movies that I never get tired of watching. This is another tough question and to answer this I will need to look to the past. I actually watch very little TV and movies. Before my daughter I wasn’t too bad, but now there are a thousand different things I could be doing.

The first movie that comes to mind is Minority Report with Tom Cruise. There is something exciting about the concept behind this movie and I think on some level the idea of knowing who the bad people are before the crime, gives me hope for a better future. I’ve watched this film so many times now that I pretty much know it word for word and scene for scene :).


Next up is Fifth Element 🙂


then we have…


this is actually my favorite film of all time, I think, i mean I might choose differently tomorrow! This in my opinion is the best love story, of course it was also the story that showed me that love has no happy ending, but it was beautiful and showed me that even a few moments of love is better than nothing.


Constantine. This is a film that fed into my own fears and curiosities. I also think this film first introduced me to the concept of angels walking among us (perhaps not in the form that society suggests an Angel to be).


Grown ups!! This movie has me laughing so much!


Okay, i’ going to share some now without the links. Police Academy, all of them, these films shoot me straight into the past whenever I watch them. I love them as much today as I did when I first watched them. Forever Young, anyone remember this? Mel Gibson, sigh, another love story I was young and impressionable and It was one of only a few videos we owned when I was a teenager and skipping school whilst my dad was at University ha ha!! The Crow, I almost forgot The Crow!


My husband says that I have very repetitive behaviour, according to him I watch/ listen to the same things over and over. He might be right on this one!!


Karen Hayward ©2015

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