Bullet point your entire day…I want to cry!

  • Search for my broken headphones, only one ear works which is perfect as my daughter talks to me constant and its important that she always knows i can hear her.
  • The girls are happy, I have the next lot of jobs to crack on with but i decide to pause and watch a video someone has shared with me. I get a couple of minutes in and the girls want to go into the garden. I agree to have a coffee break then get out of my pjs to take them in the garden. My daughters anxiety means she wont go out there alone.
  • I stop for a giggle with my daughters besty, she is a sweety, we make up songs about cheeky smiles, and rhyme words, she is great.
  • I don’t get a quite coffee. In fact it went cold again. I give up and drink a glass of water.
  • I realise I should probably brush my hair! Ha ha!
  • Gave up on the video for now and decided to listen to a couple of songs on youtube, that was ten minutes ago, still haven’t heard a whole song though.
  • Still thinking about ‘fit for purpose.’
  • 2:24 pm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPcyTyilmYY    I love this song.
  • Am hugely aware at this point that I have the least exciting life ever. In fact I think bullet proving your entire day is bat shit crazy!!
  • Okay took girls into the garden, we all went down the stairs on our bums 🙂 can’t lie that was fun!
  • Once out there I decided to sort the fall fence panels and stuff that had been blown about in recent storms. I managed a couple of panels before the girls realised I had been right and it really was very cold and very windy outside. So we all went back in doors again!
  • The girls are now playing. So housework again! How the hell do 2 adults and one child make so much washing up? I ask myself this question daily. In fact a few times now I have considered hiding all but one each of everything, that will teach people to reuse and wipe up themselves!! Ha ha who am I kidding, just means i’ll be given cups of tea in a cup that is an inch deep in grime…yeah hubby i ain’t silly, i know you don’t use a clean cup!
  • Listening to some Green day, it’s a Green day kinda day.
  • It’s only just after 3 in the afternoon and already darkness is falling on us. The lights are being switched and switched off again in that awkward well, the light don’t help kind of way. The wind is really picking up and beginning to howl through the tree’s and slam into the windows.
  • 3:30 pm am feeling tired now. I want to go sleep. In fact I want someone to come make me food and then I can go sleep 🙂
  • 3:38 pm Hubby has awoken and agrred to give me a few minutes to finish writing a poem, with head phones on and music up loud. This for me, means cutting the world out completely so I can hear the words :). Best get writing then!
  • I managed to 3:45 pm the poem I wrote was good, im happy but it needs more work.
  • I grab dinner out the freezer and stick in on then do my third washing up load and grab the washing from the machine and stick another load on. I need a pinny to wear so I can truly fit into this marvellous role of housewife!
  • Dinner is cooking, the girls are playing I work a little more on the poem. Whilst stopping to sweep the floor and change the cat litters.
  • The besty has to go home now 5:00pm so I help her to gather her stuff together and get her boots on. I want to steal her pink furry monster style hat.
  • We do the stairs on our bums again and I think about how wonderful children are.
  • Dinner is served and I clean the table down.
  • We all sit at the table, it’s nice.
  • Hubby and daughter watch Man of Steel so I can have time to myself. I do the online food shop and spend a few moments finally watching the videos shared to me, i’m glad I watched them :).
  • Spend some time thinking.
  • Decide I need to speak to a friend, so ask him for advise.
  • wash up, again!!
  • Tidy away ems toys. It’s now 7:36pm. i’m tired, tiredness is kicking in, I keep resting my head on my hands and closing my eyes for just a second. I can’t sleep yet.
  • I still need to put the girl to bed, then we have her routine then story time, then snuggle time.
  • I still have to tidy up the living room, iron clothes and put them away, tidy her room, and clean a a couple of other rooms.
  • I want to be sat in a room reading.
  • I want to be exploring the suggestion.
  • I want to be listening to music.
  • Daughter will settle around 10-10:30pm by which point I will be exhasuted, but finally able to sit down and know i wont be distrubed. Hubby is working again tonight.
  • Once as daughter is sleeping I will try to grab a few minutes to myself.
  • This post idea is shit.
  • I hate seeing how non stop I am!!
  • I need to read the book I got on mindfulness!
  • I need a hot drink.
  • Think I need to get a life!!
  • Am starting line dancing in a few weeks 🙂 ha ha

ok writing this post as sent me a little crazy, I need to do something. That was a really pants kinda post, I know already what a bullet point of my day is like lol but I can see how it made me think a little deeper about my surroundings, so maybe a good thing 🙂

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