Something that you miss. 30 day writing challenge.

Are there not a thousand things each day that we in some way miss? I miss the warmth of home. I miss going out drinking, stumbling home and sitting chatting whilst perching on the corner of that brown cord fold up chair! I miss being young and so very full of energy. I miss mountain dew, it never really picked up over here in the UK. I miss lay in’s. I miss the freedom of being able to sleep until my soul felt healed. I miss werther originals and the moments that came with them and cherry kisses. I miss the summer, already! I miss the snow that the clouds above the UK forget to spill each year.

But right now, I miss the relaxation, the calm of mind and the unsaid knowledge. I miss the soothing way thoughts could transport me, I miss my thoughts being clear and concise. I miss not wearing the mask.

Right now I miss the liberation of being able to spill words onto the page without this mental block that seems to be constantly screaming at me.

I miss the exclusive knowledge of shared thoughts that are now being spilled across the universe.

I miss having that knowledge of knowing how to speak to you.

I miss the beach…I only live a ten minute walk from the beach, i’m just being dramatic! I miss the beach on a warm day with the sun sweeping across my back and the grains of sand searching my feet. I miss the golden star dust that sprinkles itself across the ocean. I miss the soft hush of the ebbing tide as it licks at the shore.

I miss the stars as the sky becomes light and they disappear from view. I miss the moon and her luminous glow. I miss the emptiness of a clear, dark night. Nothing inside of me can ever feel as empty as the universe.

I miss all the thing that make me feel a step closer to myself.


Karen Hayward © 2015.

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