Futile resistance.

The conservation of energy so that I may survive,
a colony of destruction no shadows in which to hide.
Darkness fell and flames flared,
the corruption of memories never truly shared.
Oblivion denied frolicking with hate,
an illusion of pretence to celebrate.
Automated response clicked into place,
I wonder if I can wander without leaving a trace.
Silence erupts from the neck of brown glass,
repetition the new pattern learnt from the past.
I’ll sit for a moment take heed of the day,
before resting my body in the bed where I lay.
I’ll look to the window where the moon does glow,
I’ll ask her to help me so that I may grow.
I’ll speak with the angels and beg them for strength,
Metatron will show me in my dreams at great length.
I’ll listen to the silence as it screams into life,
Piercing reality like a sharpened knife.
No words I will say and you know this is true,
You’ve trampled my dreams
and I have nothing new.

Karen Hayward 2015ยฉ.

5 thoughts on “Futile resistance.

  1. Karen/Blossom

    Hi, gigoid here…. I wanted you to know, I get notified once a week of your posts… Because of my particular physical issues, my time for surfing other blogs is limited, and I can’t always keep up with all the blogs I’d like to read, especially with those like yours, which post often…

    But, I wanted you to know, I generally like what I read; I just can’t always get here to click the button….

    Keep writing; it keeps one sane…. which is why I blog….


    gigoid, the dubious


    Liked by 1 person

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