May 2013

This is my amazing niece starting out in the blogging world. Her blog is a personal journey through mental illness. She is wonderful has an amazing voice so full of strength, she deserves to be heard. ♥


the sun was shining as I decided to leave the hospital, I was on a doctors section so of course I was not ment to leave but I didn’t want to stay! I had just taken a overdose if I remember rightly my insides were swollen,the police were looking for me my family were worried i finally got found and I was put on a 136 the mental health team finally came and I was put on section 2 a 28 day section I was shocked they were Actully doing something as I’ve been selfharming for years and they didn’t do nothing now there taking me seriously I felt scared but I knew I was going to a safe place I remember leaving my mum at the hospital and the police taking me to Albany lodge a acute wars in St. Albans I got there and it was scary everyone…

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