Let me love you.

For just a moment let me surrender

myself to you and lose all inhibitions.

Let me fall. Let me fall into the depths of hell,

fires raging in my soul. Ignite me with

your very eyes as passion builds.

Let me love you.

Let me forget who it is I have become so

that I can simply be. For a moment,

let me be the only other occupant of

this planet that turns and turns and let’s

stop time with our very thoughts.

And let it not hurt as we fall from grace

as we venture into the world so filled

with disgrace. Let love sit upon our lips

and passion upon our tongues.

Let every touch be filled with desire.

Let love be the reason that I see, that the

world becomes a multitude of colours.

Let it engulf me, so my heart will beat only for you

and my every thought will be a memory of touch,

of scent and the essence of seed.

Let want become need.

Love me, for just a moment, for just long

enough so that I may fall.

Love me.


Karen Hayward ©2016

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