Drowning in the white surf.


Stop. I wanna get off.

I’m done on this ride,

the world is spinning

i’m spewing my guts.

I’ve paid my penance,

stop the fucking ride.


I’m tired of this game

i’m drowning

can’t you see?

The undercurrent has my legs

and the white surf

is filling my lungs, bright

rays are blinding me and

the rain is slamming

me further under the water.


I wanna get off.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Falling moon.

There is no other moment in the day when I am as free. No moment when the silence is interrupted only by the mating call of an unseen bird. No other moment when the silence is my comfort. When the dark skies are my home. No other moment for the moon to whisper to me as she falls from the sky. This small open window to the universe is my hope when all hope has left me. Those seconds in time when I and the universe are at one.

Karen Hayward 2016.

As the red mist descends.

Once upon a dark dark day,
a devils angel fell to play.
Her tattered wings no longer white,
torn to shreds no good for flight.

A crumpled mess of broken love,
she wonders now if that’s enough.
Falling tears on the earthly plane,
wondering how humans don’t become insane.

As all the sins of long ago
softly start to flow and grow
lust consumes her telling soul
as Satan cums to take her whole.

Karen Hayward ©2016.