In the ripples of a clear blue lake.

I know the game rules but i’m not a game player.

Let me kiss you. Let me feel the softness of your

lips against mine. Let me taste you. Let me

breathe in your desire. Fingers entwined just

once let me be more. Hold me close feel the curve of

my hip with your fingers as your lips search

my neck. Hold me closer. Feel the beat of my heart

and the warmth of my blood as it pumps just for you.

Whisper sacred thoughts of sensuality to me and

run your fingers across my clitoris as I respond to your voice.

Let our bodies slip together in melted harmony, fill me

with your need, deeply, pull open my legs and pull me in closer.

Slowly rocking to the beat of our pulse. Faster, faster, harder.

Fingers entwined push me onto the white sheets, look deep into

my eyes for a moments recognition. Hold me. Watch me.

Feel me as spasms of pleasure spread through my body as

your arms hold me, as your lips taste me, as your fingers

feel me. Watch me as my body throbs against yours, as you

cum deep inside of me. In unison. Bodies held together

with a primal need for desire. Thoughts held together

through the locked moment of connection. Take me

to this place where together the moment can be ours.


Karen Hayward ©2016




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