The evolutionary cycle of beauty.

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Old or young

our loves and fears

are unchanging.

The difference is



Karen Hayward ©2016

7 thoughts on “The evolutionary cycle of beauty.

  1. Does the audience change though? Say I need people to listen to how I overcame the things I struggle with to actually feel like I achieved something… aren’t some audiences more fun to interact with than others?


    1. Very interesting question…as with most things in life we search out a specific audience that fulfills our needs, the audience will have had their own journey and the differences will be found there within that journey. Yet still those fundamental fears and loves will be there among your audience, the primary difference between them being their looks, young fresh skin, old wrinkled skin these people are not so different if you take away the aesthetics. 🙂

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  2. Naturally… beauty is transient… and although we may stare at the same source of beauty with the very same eyes we had gazed upon it before… the angle of observation may not be the same… or perhaps… it could be as simple as the passage of time slowly deteriorating the outer appearance whereas the inner soul had only grown more wiser over the years.


    1. Lol Jonathan, thank you for the reblog :-). The original inspiration for the poem came from the evolutionary cycle…it came from talking to ladies of varying ages at my dance class, no matter what their age, looks, appearance, fundamentally all the women shared a very similar fear, there looks were different, but those fears were the same :-).


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