Double sided coin to determine my fate.


North, straight ahead toward the gleaming

lights. A new horizon, lush green

fields and a glorious sun creeping

into the emerald blue skies.Homeward

bound into the arms of the universe.


Or east into the realms of endless words

and pages that smell of jasmine, sunshine

and a little piece of hope. Flowing skirts

and wild hair, daisies popping up here and there.

Stars reflecting light for me to share.


Or south, down into the devils lair with

flaming hope and burning desire, constant

fuel to feed the fire. Endless voids of forgotten

hope and the depth of feeling such pleasurable

scope. Eyes open, soul upon my sleeve and heart lost,



West toward the reality of a full turn, the cycle

rotating, rotating, rotating. Grey suits and empty

eyes, souls trampled and hearts held in an iron grip.

Each step worsening the rip. Each unique thought

ready to tip. Humanity on a downward slip.


Tails it’s North, heads it’s East,

heads it’s South, tails it’s west.

Flipping a coin the perfect test.

Thanks to Mr Harvey Dent.

heads it’s East the way i will go,

heads is South the life I will know.


Karen Hayward ©2016





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