The ocean that devours my soul.


Be the roaring ocean that engulfs my body caressing me beneath the surface current.

Be the blazing sun that reddens my shoulders teasing out little freckles across my skin.

Be the tiny waves lapping at my feet as I skip through them to entirely different beat.

Be the sand that tickles my toes causing me to giggle as I walk along the shore.

Be the blush in my cheeks, be the passion I see, be the solitude of a dipping sun,

red skies tinged in orange and bathed in hues of purple.

Be the eyes that watch me in awe, the smile that knows of the passion that burns.

Be the warm breeze that skips across me entangling itself into my soul.

Be the roaring wave that surges from deep inside, rising as the ocean devours my soul,

releasing as my spirit bursts through.

Be the reasons for the giggles of excitement as I search for the flames.


Karen Hayward ©2016


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