Claw my soul from out my body.

Wrap me in silk

crimson red

bind my arms

behind my head.

Use black to

tie my feet,

leave me there

for I am beat.

Close the curtains,

chain the door,

Pretend for a moment,

the world exists no more.

Claw my soul

from my body

please, just

set me free.


Karen Hayward ©2016



14 thoughts on “Claw my soul from out my body.

      1. I work on my own world, that is why I decided to be a writer, to live in “lala land”, not always I should add,
        so what´s the deal here we got it sealed?

      2. la la land is a good idea, i like the way writing gives me another world. Life’s just being a buggar this week my soul is tired it needs some release lol

      3. Did you just say “life´s just being a buggar this weeek….” So you´re a Brit then? Just the Word buggar gave you away… no wonder the week is hard, it´s always rainning over there 😉
        Life is not what we like it to be I guess, just have to not make it take you down and keep you there, as long as you or me, can keep on moving forward, it will not beat you down. Do I sound like a shrink?…. plus having a sense of humour does help

      4. ha ha this made me giggle…i’m sorry to tell you this Charly but I am a Brit, you have been talking to a Brit, you have made friends with a Brit 🙂 Actually we have glorious blue skies and sunshine right now….we did however have rain all through the night and well into lunch time lol

      5. What´s withe the Brits, I´m sure you can handle and be happier with dark skies and rain than with sunshine…. you wierd people, I should add that that I went to Wimblendon ( tough without Little money) but I do remember standing in the ” que” as you call it, for crying out loud just call it a line!!! And it started raining, so that got me talking with some Australian students and eventually ended up sleeping in their thent to not get wet, there was another kind of wet but good memories when I had Little money, like right now, but i wanted to go there and finally got hold off enogh money to get there and pay if I remember correctly 40 or 60 pounds and I did watch Serena Williams ( spelled that wrong), and I promise when she was serving she did look at me, I even think she was flirting with the guy in sun glassess (strange on in a cold day with clouds) but I promise she did, and if not just let me believe it.
        Damn, this was a long comment.
        Well, hope you had a good lunch

      6. Oh Charly, I do not doubt for a single second that Serena Williams looked at you as she served, how could she not a good looking chap like you :). Lol you do actually see a lot of people in sunglasses even when it’s raining, I think they must be optimists, perhaps hoping they are going to jinx the weather into making the sun shine :).
        As for a que, i hate that word, I can never remember how to spell it, but we do also call it a line, but we do call things odd words don’t we? I notice this when i’m speaking to Americans they call things exactly as they are like oatmeal, it’s oat and it’s a meal, cos they need to know exactly what it is, we call it porridge we can figure for ourselves that it is oats and you have it for breakfast lol
        Sounds like you had yourself a fun time at wimbledon 🙂

      7. 🙂 ha ha Charly, I have the very typical English Rose skin, even in the height of summer (yep, we do actually get a summer) I am very very white, i get a little dusting of red across my face, cleavage and shoulders, but it’s a dusting, my skin really does resemble porcelain ! 🙂 But I really do rock the paleness 🙂

      8. Hold on I got caught up on the cleavage part… I snap out of it, well then get into a freaking tanning saloon!

        I can treat that cleavage if you need so

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