The definition.

An observation.
He never smiles
his wife walks
two paces
I ponder if this,
is the definition marriage.

Karen Hayward ©2016

5 thoughts on “The definition.

  1. Isn’t marriage such an odd thing? Its like the ocean at storm, the highest waves can be exhilarating but then there are these deep troughs where all hope seems lost.


    1. That’s actually an amazing analogy of marriage! This poems about an old couple that live in my road, ten years I’ve lived here and not once have I seen them walk together and not once have I seen him smile…yet they seem happy enough

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      1. Thanks, I have my moments 😛 There is something about the older couples, its almost as if they are simply content with the way things are/have always been. Maybe that’s best? We often ruin our own happiness by not being able to be content.


      2. Interesting thought…life seems very long to spend simply with content, I think it has to be a balance, you have to want to spend your life being content with that other person…maybe lol

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