Gone are the dreamers.


Forgotten are the wishes of old that stained the coins gold. On forgotten seeds that ride the morning breeze and dimming lights of stars long gone. Gone is the happy smilers that hear the morning song of the mutant birds of evolution gone wrong. As the owl hoots beneath a blazing sun and the moon can no longer rise, the knowing have long stopped their cries. Forbidden are the dreamers to be speakers in the realms of the lost where eternally our oxygen has converted to frost.

Karen Hayward Ā©2016

6 thoughts on “Gone are the dreamers.

    1. Thanks Eric, it does have a kinda dystopian feel to it…I can’t actually remember the inspiration for it, I found it lurking in the draft box and gave it a final edit :-).

      1. Ooo! Those are the best right? Like finding a a gem in a pile of gravel! I’m glad you found it and put it on display šŸ™‚

      2. I was thinking more, Pandora’s box :-)….Pandora’s box had reached 100…I’ve been editing and scheduling them to post throughout the day…Pandora’s box is still way to full!! šŸ™‚

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