Once upon the devils song.

Once upon a day gone by

beneath a deafening

thunderous sky.

I waged a war on life

itself,  gave my all

with love and grace and

then just simply let it fall.

I walked on sullen tippy toes

followed life’s incessant flow.

Stopped for neither man nor beast

upon this life I did feast.

Once upon a day far gone

I danced to another song,

with hidden lyrics and a tasty beat

constantly moving my bare naked feet.

I devoured hearts and stole away dreams

covered them in Satan’s cream.

And I never looked back,

never questioned my track

never cared for the consequences

my fear to attach was relentless.

Once upon a night long gone

I sold my soul in the devils song.

I’ve since begged and pleaded to have it back

he laughed and said,

‘you’ll have only a crack.

You will see out,

but they wont see back.’


Karen Hayward ©2016







4 thoughts on “Once upon the devils song.

    1. Ha ha yep, I wanted cum, but it didn’t rhyme and I do like a rhyme…..my thoughts have actually firmly settled on the ‘cream’ concept for the day and my mind seems to be metaphor overdrive trying to create a squirty cream metaphor poem :-). I’m in a fun and creative writing mood today 🙂

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