Squirty cream.

You peer at me with curiosity and intrigue as I place the tip against my tongue,
‘That needs shaking first’. You say, smiling.
And so it does, and so I do, my hand slipping slightly on its wetness.
This time with anticipation you watch my tongue circling the tip as the pressure builds and I gently squeeze life into its release mechanism,
Smooth cream filling my mouth,
spilling across my lips,
dripping across my chin.
I swallow my mouthful then slowly lick my lips, ready for more.

Karen Hayward ©2016


14 thoughts on “Squirty cream.

      1. Lol it is about squirty cream, I was just having fun with metaphors and seeing how well I could write this as a metaphor for that exact thing you think it might be about. 🙂

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