Do the angels sigh when they see me?

Some days I look upon my reflection and wonder if the angels sigh in realisation. As the kettles boils I reach for
my pyjamas to take away the morning chill. I make myself a sweet tea and sit by the open window listening to the start of a new day. I hide my hands deep in the sleeves and pull the top up over my mouth I want the warm comfort. My lips move against the soft fabric a few times before I realise I am wearing my pyjama top backwards. I shrug it off, I am warm, I don’t care and ultimately as j realise my pyjama bottoms are also on backwards, I figure at least I am consistent. And I wonder if the angels ever sigh in realisation.

Karen Hayward Β©2016


8 thoughts on “Do the angels sigh when they see me?

  1. Haha, the title to this post to the content was splendid, and i am still trying to figure it out for you, do they really sigh ? πŸ˜€ – Cezane

    1. πŸ™‚ thank you Cezane. I think angels are meant to be indifferent…but if I were an angel I would be wondering how this girl manages to observe so much from her surroundings and then puts her pyjamas on backwards, I would sigh, a beautiful soft sigh of, how the hell does this one survive πŸ™‚

  2. It started with, “let’s see.” Then as I read on and tried to create a mental dynamic image, before reaching the end, I was smiling.

    Very well written.

      1. You’re welcome. I also went through some of your other posts and liked all of them.
        However, I didn’t find an “about” page and had to go to your Gravatar profile from the comment section. I suggest you add it and also add your blog to your Gravatar profile.

      2. Thank you. I’ll take a look at that today the problem I have is that me and technology aren’t always the best of friends…the gravatar page does not like me πŸ™‚

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