Insomnia caresses my soul.

Insomnia came banging at my door last night,
I was too tired to care, too tired to fight,
he always comes like the tunnels light.
He asked me how my night had been,
I told him of my screwed up dream,
he laughed, sipped on his tea,
and said,  ‘I’ll leave just as soon as you see’.
I told him seeing isn’t for me.
I know what comes next, I have to believe.
So I went back to bed to once again dream,
but insomnia wasn’t done with me.
Insomnia came crashing at my door last night,
he likes to think I need his light,
corners me when I’m too tired to fight.
I asked him what he wants this time,
he said, ‘I’m here for your unconscious mind,
there’s something hiding there I need you to find’.
‘Go away’, I said, ‘You’re becoming a swine’.
When will he learn these thoughts are mine,
‘When you stop fearing the signs’.
he thinks he’s so kind
doesn’t see I am fine.
Insomnia was still not finished yet,
he dragged me once again from my bed.
I sat and watched the stars instead,
as insomnia delved inside my muddled head.
He held me as darkness swarmed
as broken dreams enforced a storm,
whispered ‘It will soon be morn’.
As I closed my eyes and softly yawned

Karen Hayward ©2016


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