Hear only the whispers of the angels.


Word prompt today is…..underestimate. You can find lots more prompts just like this one here.  So, I don’t like the word ‘underestimate’, it is such a negative word and conjours such negative emotions…especially from me as I’ve spent my entire life being the only one to tell myself that I can achieve it lol  So this poem is based on observations and reflections and reality as well as realisation. I used the acrostic poetic form for this one 🙂


Undo the doubts whispered on empty

Nights beneath a shroud of broken dreams.

Dry away those falling tears from

Eyes that see so true.

Relinquish thoughts uttered by another’s tongue

Erase them from existence.

Sooth your starving soul,

Take heed and rest your weary mind.

Illumination will find you.

Metatron whispers encouragement from above,

Align now and take stand, your strength has returned

Tattered no longer are your wings

Evolve my beauty, become your destiny.


Karen Hayward ©2016


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