Do you…

Do you hear my heart beating?
Or the rush of blood through my veins?
Do you hear the way my mind empties in that single moment of thought?
Do you hear the cackling of sparks?
Do you smell the heightened scent?
Do you sense me, as I sense you tingling on my skin?

Karen Hayward Β©2016


14 thoughts on “Do you…

      1. Oh my goodness Mr Zigzag!
        Are you sure…
        For I have a strong charge,
        It’s more than a spark
        I’ll likely slip my binds,
        and baby, I am sure to devour your mind.

      2. It’s there for a predator
        For a predator to feast
        But once ingested
        You’ll have no peace
        You’ll have pervertions
        Thought never seen
        Running your mind
        Turning obscene
        You’ll be incapacitated
        Struck down sick
        Stroking all day
        Imagining dick
        So feast away
        Eat all you can
        But once your infected
        I’ll have control of your hands πŸ˜‰

    1. Sniggering…I think zigzagstripes is determined to make me blush today…still we all need a little fun :-)…and there’s no better fun than words πŸ™‚

      1. he he oddly enough I can talk about most things and not blush a single bit, but the very second I get an inclination that the topic is actually about me (compliments, or direct comments) boom I flash like a traffic light!! lol

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