Word prompt, flourish.

Word prompt flourish


Upon bloodied knees my tattered wings turn to embers as Angels surround me.

I see the blue skies of heaven through a kaleidoscope of abandonment as

white halo’s taunt my fallen disgrace. Whispering songs of foreign concepts

faces looming above me. I shall not cry. I shall not shed a tear for my loss.

Aggressive stubbornness burns inside my soul I search the cold concrete for strength

among the blinding light. It never comes. Suns rise and fall, moons phase and tides ebb

and the Angels tire of me. I rise to stand watching as the Angels leave on the golden rays

of a rainbows edge as the skies light radiates upon me.The tainted dirt of the past shaken

from my body my eyes squint into the future. Out of the corner of my bleeding eyes

I see the yellow hue of Jophiel his hand upon my shoulder as Raphael leads my way.


Karen Hayward ©2016


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