Redundant frequency.


I sometimes ponder the redundancy of words, second hand letters used again and again to describe the minds responsive state. Is any word sacred? On my death bed with my dying breath will I whisper for the first time the totality of my love on a sacred word that you will treasure as you would the lingering touch of my lips against yours? How many times have we whispered love into other lost souls? These are the foundations of our past. We use them as stepping stones into our future, recycling the feel of them beneath our fingers. A monochrome TV set fixed on repeat with the remote long gone. Are we destined to forever read from the same script, to forever act out the same scene, repeating our well rehearsed lines, over and over.

Karen Hayward ©2016

5 thoughts on “Redundant frequency.

    1. Thank you Eric…it is one of those things that seems to hang around in my thoughts, i seem to be very aware of that way we recycle our behavior, our words…say I love you, enough times to enough people and i’m pretty sure the words become invalid 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. And I tend to agree with you there. Though with the right person I dunno if you can ever say it enough.

      2. Yes I agree…I wonder though, whether when it’s with the right person how much communication is through words and how much is actually done through the souls….a mouth that says i love you to a million different girls is full of emtiness, but that same person can say i love you through their soul and it can not be more perfect….does that make sense?

      3. It does make sense. Actually couldn’t have put it better myself. The words mean little if that soul bond isn’t there.

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