The sun steals the subtle hint of your name from my lips.


If I can catch the sun as he rises into my skies he can trace the fragile lines of my Soul open to the universe as I stare into the heavens. He could capture in his rays my aura as he dances through my wayward strands of flaming hair. I could look into the heart of this flaming star at the centre of our universe and through my eyes he would capture the essence of my love.  My desire he would peel away from the tips of my fingers and your name be would take from my lips. If I could catch the sun as be rises, he could carry the subtle hint of me through his ever lasting day. And when in his travels he feels the ache I feel, he will know he has found you and his rays will fall upon your skin, seeping beneath the surface, creeping into your soul dispersing my desires within you. Silence your mind and you will hear his rays calling your name.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find different forms of creative writing, lots of swearing, erotic poetry, random thoughts, beautiful imagery, but most of all you will find a version of truth. My truth, this is the way that I see the world. However, all of my work is a form of creative writing, a combination of truth and fiction. I write to express my creativity, not my needs!

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