Watch “Spoken word poetry, Karen Hayward, Deceit of a poet.” on YouTube

I made this video months ago, it’s been lurking about, you see I want to do spoken word poetry I can do spoken word poetry I have one tiny problem, I’m camera shy. And the months are running out we are already half way through the year and this is my goal for the year. I see people do spoken word and they are so natural at it, they own the camera, they look beautiful in their I just threw this on kinda way, they articulate and look dreamily into the camera…not me, the camera goes on and I switch off!! But like I said we’ve hit the mid way point in the year and I need a kick up the arse. At first I decided I would do one poem and keep practising that one till I go great, I fucking despise that poem now so clearly that isn’t working, in fact I think reading a poem doesn’t help me, I’m too worried, I think I need a new plan…I also think I need an aggressive YouTube buddy that will hound me daily to do a daily video until I get to the point where I actually start to shine so I post this now as a declaration to myself that I still have dreams to conquer before the year is out :-)…..enjoy seeing me make a fool out of myself on video the crazy thing is I don’t actually care about making a fool out of myself my bad I hit bold, I’m not going back to delete, accept it :-).

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