To fuse.

Baby, sweety, honey pie…what’s your name?
Come with me let’s play a game.
It seems to me you haven’t a clue
Of a world that exists outside of you.
A little turn, a little twist
A little flick of my delicate wrist.
I like to screw
with you.
Especially when you haven’t clue.
So baby, sweety…come and see…
either get off your arse and fucking help me,
Or this little fuse that rattles in my pocket,
that belongs in the TV socket
will remain just there.
I know it isn’t fair, I’m a really horrible girl,
great, welcome to my fucking world.
Here i will leave you a screw driver…
but I might have swapped a wire.
My bad.
Please don’t be sad.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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