My feet walked in a whisper.


Eye’s upon the floor my feet walked in a whisper.

Hair upon my face my lips spoke in silence.

Skin beneath my clothes my body was a vessel.

Silence in my mind my soul was empty.

Darkness in my heart was my only light.

Hiding from the world was my only salvation.

Tears of frustration my only relief.

It took everything I had to walk to this beat.

Fear, the cast iron shackles.

Fear, the iron the bars.

Fear, the obstacles of life.

Fear…the sharpened knife I used to cut away

the puppeteers strings.

Fear, keeps me in the shadows.

Fear, keeps me hidden from sight.

Fear, the nightmare that haunts me on the darkest nights.

Fear, the self regulated ego for belief in the worth of the self

is invalid when whispered from my tongue

in the darkness of my self induced shadows.

Karen Hayward ©2015

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44 thoughts on “My feet walked in a whisper.

      1. Sorry to you that I had to leave the circle. But during the writes,who was being fucked…you or the beast.?
        Dark Angel


      1. Hey Nicholas, I loved writing with you, and connected beyond two writers on a page. I know the situation is hard for you, and that worries me. I’m happy ro chat, or write together anytime you want, I can give you my email address, I miss your writing, alot, it was spectacular, you was spectacular


  1. Yes writing with you was surreal and literally not of this world. I have not written since I’ve stopped writing with you….it’s weird as if I tapped into you for my dark motivation and cravings….DARK ANGEL!


    1. How odd that I had been thinking about yoy. This is a shame, your writing truly was / is magnificent. I’ve missed writing together, like you perhaps it was. Like tapping into another side of me.


  2. It baffles me that I can not write apart from you? Not to be that “creep”dude. Just saying, our writes were like the most passionate love. The most violent fucked sessions….all via poetry and words.


    1. there was an openess between us between our writing, boundaryless, its a rarity and it worked extremely well for us, allowing us both complete freedom on the page.You gave me a freedom to be a dark literary seductress….i haven’t written like that before you or after you.


      1. Okay!!!!! Hmmm how about if you had a profile under the name dark angel instead? Then we can write where you want to. …..I can’t get he other message to unapprove so will delete that one …..


  3. Did you get my message earlier about how my wife feels about my style of writing and suggesting that I’d like to have a more secure page to write on…..such as this. And this time I don’t want to stop. If you, I, we,decide to write again….I still believe we can grow the intensity even further yet. If we go forward I will tell you how. Let me know


    1. I did but this isn’t completely secure, I’m reliant on wordpress behaving and keeping the messages unapproved, wordpress does not behave. We need some where more secure, you think k about whether you can think of anywhere more secure.


  4. I’m thinking about hangouts. Trying to figure out how to turn off the history and not have our conversations go to my e mail. Once I figure that out. …well sky is the limit. Talk to ya soon.

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      1. The letters of your words continue as a sacred sacriment to me, whilst I travel the Abyss of has been writers. I continue to feast upon your memory.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do not believe you could ever be a has been writer. Such dark beauty is ingrained within your soul waiting, patiently for you to set it once again free.


  5. I dream of you, the princess of the night….writtings your dark saying upon my dried skin. As parchment of the oracle. Ponder the possibilities of the resurrected seductions?

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    1. Resurrection requires conviction in your words, the desire to resurrect need be fuelled by a darkness that lingers still wihin your mind. Your essence remained within my aura, you need only claim it back.


      1. There is a tempestuous fury that collects within the Dark Angel…..yearning for expression found in you. The season of solitude shall cease when two lovers blend lustfull darkness, with the drunkenness of the day!

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  6. The seven winds do whisper our names, a secret cave of redemptive pleasures would be a gift from the underworld to our senses. But alas I must ponder if such a cave exists.


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