Pandora’s box, the guardian of my light. A dream. 

Inside each of us, is a Pandora’s box

a hand carved vessal of darkness and destruction.

Mine is covered in sea glass, tears and lost hope. 

And in my dream, within that house of the subconscience,

Mine is guarded by you. 

And when the darkness chases me though the rooms,

 You are there calling to me. 

And I come, I follow,  for you are my flickering flame.

And sometimes when you are not looking I sneak past

and peer into box. 

So you changed the locks.

You sometimes call me to sit upon your lap. We explore the box as though it were an ancient map of love showing the time and where abouts of piece of art.

Perhaps it is a map.

I run from room to room exploring this new hidden depth to my pshche. And I cannot always see you there but always I can sense the faint whisper of.your soul.

Within my dream you are ge guardian of my Pandora’s box. You guard it fiercely. A warrior of light ready to defend it from my worst enemy. 

Ready to defend it from myself. You are the guardian of my Pandora’s box and you guard it from, me.
Karen Hayward ©2016.


4 thoughts on “Pandora’s box, the guardian of my light. A dream. 

    1. Thank you Aishwarya 😀 I write it at 2 this morning it’s an interpretation of my dream 😀 thankfully i waited to edit till this morning because tired me can’t spell 😀😀

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