Hailey’s Comet

Three way writing with Ron, does that make it a threesome? Another super poem written entirely by Ron, using line offered by the rest of us :).

The Grave Yard

Help me with a line

now you can have it….

let me explain,

I called her today,

I called her  dear

I fucking hate being called dear,

especially by a woman,

I may call you my savoir

Freckled faced red head;

don’t dread your dreams:

As toxic as we are love is

closer than it seems.

Your self, importance bleeds

from your pores,

the stench of rotting flesh

your fragrance

My blood posses me;

as it courses through her;

She got a body so fly

When I bite and taste her blood;

I want to cry:

She’s as pure as the waters Jesus walked upon

yet I like to roll around in shit

I’m a pig.

I am a master of lies

I tell you shit face first

then bake my feces in a  pie!

Have a taste of it!

Swine manifests in my every word;

as you roll in…

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